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Small Business Saturday

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Hoboken Businesses We Love

There's something about Hoboken. Our vibrant community is not just defined by its picturesque scenery, but by the extraordinary individuals who call it home. As we approach this holiday season, we're eager to shine a spotlight on the hardworking and imaginative people who make our town truly exceptional. In celebration of Small Business Saturday, we're excited to introduce you to some of our team's favorite local businesses, each a testament to the passion and dedication woven into the fabric of our community. While the ones we showcase today are just a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Hoboken's small enterprises, there are countless more deserving recognition that we're excited to highlight in the future. This holiday season, let's join hands in supporting these local establishments, where every purchase is a vote of confidence in the dreams of our neighbors and friends. Here's to Hoboken's spirit of entrepreneurship and the joy of shopping local.

Emma Loves: Roly-Poly Coffee Co.

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Roly Poly - No14happy

Come for the coffee, stay for the vibes. Roly-Poly is such a fun and eclectic space, always filled with good tunes and even better people. It's the first place I take friends or family who visit. They serve some of the best coffee in town, which pairs perfectly with their kolaches and breakfast tacos. I can't wait for their new downtown location to open!

Sarah Loves: Cateye Cafe & Country Bookshelf

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Country Bookshelf - No14happy

My perfect day in Hoboken starts with going to the Cateye for brunch, followed by browsing the fiction section at Country Bookshelf.

Whether you're craving breakfast or lunch, Cateye always hits the spot. My go-to is the cowgirl and one of their many flavored mimosas, although their specials are always tempting. Their funky cat themed decor is the cherry on top.

As an avid reader, I make regular stops into Country Bookshelf. They have an amazing selection, and if you can't find what you're looking for, they are able to get it in super quickly. I love their 'Blind Date With A Book' program where you blindly purchase a book the staff recommends - I've never been disappointed!

Tessa Loves: Intrigue Ink

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Intrigue Ink - No14happy

Stepping into Intrigue Ink is an absolute delight. The store is a vibrant display of fun colors, fresh designs, and welcoming smiles. I love selecting gifts for my out-of-state friends because Intrigue Ink's Montana designs make for truly unique presents that stand out. There's always something for everyone in their diverse collection, and I often find it difficult to resist picking up a little something for myself as well.

Georgia Loves: Altitude Gallery

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Altitude Gallery - No14happy

Altitude Gallery rates right up there as one of my fave downtown businesses. This charming and eclectic woman-owned art gallery carries a wonderful collection of paintings, glassware, pottery and jewelry. I visited the gallery almost daily to view my favorite K. Bonnema Leslie serigraph before I finally pulled the trigger and purchased it. It still makes me smile every time I look at it. My friends and I have also given two of Mad River Glass hand blown Cairns as gifts that delighted the recipients. The Altitude Gallery staff is always welcoming and helpful.

Michelle Loves: Glove Beauty

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Glove - No14happy

Glove is a hidden gem in downtown Hoboken tucked right off Main Street. You can't beat their wide selection of clean beauty products. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I love how they encourage you to take samples home and try new things, they really want to make sure you love the products you're getting. I recently got my first facial there and it was such a treat - truly, the most relaxing experience.

Justine Loves: Fresco Cafe

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Cafe Fresco - No14happy

For years, Fresco Cafe has been one of my go-to dinner spots. It's a great place to bring friends, family, or both! The ambiance is always perfect, whether you are out on the patio in the summer or cozied up inside in the winter. Everything I've tried is delicious, but I especially love their pesto cavatappi and manhattan salad. Even their takeout is fresh and delicious. Knowing your supporting a long-standing local favorite just makes it that much better.

Olly Loves: Lockhorn Cider

Lockhorn has such an inviting atmosphere. I love sitting outside on the patio in the summer or by the fireplace in the winter. They always have fun seasonal flavors, and I usually order a flight so I can try a few. Their hot cider has been my go-to now that the weather is cooling down. It’s the perfect spot if you want to catch up with friends or just grab a tasty cider and get some work done.